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Margaret Welty Get out those brushes
and sharpen your pencils!
It’s time for
Art Creativity and You!

Whether you love to paint or haven’t picked up a brush in your life, professional artist and teacher, Margaret Welty, guides you through easy painting lessons to boost your creativity and help you discover the artist within.

In each video episode, Margaret Welty will show you how to paint and draw using professional artist tips, while leaving you free to follow your imagination wherever it may wander. Each video is recorded live so you can see how an artist makes art—and discover how easy art really is! And, if you live in the Sacramento area, be sure to catch her TV show!

With over twenty years of experience teaching art to students of all ages, Margaret Welty uses her own personally designed method, Drawing Free, to help students discover their own artistic ability. To learn more about Margaret Welty, visit

Watch Art Creativity and You on TV Monday - Friday at 8:00am on channel 18 in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties

Please check holiday dates when the show will not be aired.

For more information on Folsom Lake College and Margaret Welty's current teaching schedule, visit

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