Some words from the street.

Margaret Welty is that rare combination of artist and mentor who can coach even the best, yet humbly guide the novice into competence and confidence.
Mark Bryan, co-author of The Artist's Way at Work
After using the techniques taught on this video I began to see things emerge out of nothing. I am now confident that I will soon be able to draw what I see like those I admire. But first my creativity has to emerge and be set free. Thanks to this video it will! Thank you and keep up the great work!
D Dub, YouTube viewer
[Margaret’s instruction] made me feel very excited, and able to accept myself through art. This means freedom of expression for me and to let go of things I cannot control... watercolor is such a release!
Emily Brooks, pre-teacher education college student

from Workshop Attendees

Many amazing new techniques to pass on to my students. Five Stars!! Best money spent! Definitely glad I came and learned SO much! Very kind and exceptional instructor.
Sandy Bonus, 6th grade Studio Art teacher, Park Maitland School, FL
I loved "the claw" & "the holy bridge"! Eye opening. Informative. Favorite session in the whole conference!
Brittany Scala, Middle School Art teacher, Columbia, SC
Please [take this workshop]! Great tips and a wonderful way to learn.
Billie Cube, art teacher for grades 1-8
I learned to take time to observe — use fingers as forms of measurement. Very helpful for those wanting to explore more with self portraits especially those of us who struggle with it.
Kim Long, High School Level 1 art teacher, Woodward, OK
Great instructions & detailed info on measuring the face! You definitely gave me some new ideas about how to teach portraiture to my students. Well organized! I wish we had more time!!
Amy Weishahn, Art & French teacher, Fernley High School, NV
Your supplies were excellent and your were extremely knowledgeable. I'm going to buy the mirrors for my classroom!
Amiekoleh Usafi, Art teacher, grades K-6, Los Angeles, CA @ Charter School