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About Art Creativity and You

Art Creativity and You, featuring Margaret Welty

Art Creativity and You was created by Folsom Lake College art professor, Margaret Welty, to enhance her live studio art classes at the Folsom Lake College/El Dorado Center in Placerville, California. Margaret saw the opportunity to not only create dynamic TV segments but also to produce videos to reach a much wider audience. In both, Margaret teaches her unique brand of developmentally driven stages of learning to create art with drawing and painting.

Welty’s videos and TV shows are live and she shares all of the challenges that real artists also go through while creating art. It is not at all like what you have seen before! Welty wants to make it easy for you by showing how everything really works and leaving much room for you to make your artwork in your own way.

Welty has dedicated her life to experimenting in the classroom in order to learn how to teach art to anyone who wants to make their own art. Welty’s step-by-step instruction with her own brand of honesty and humor brings students with the self assumed label of “no talent”  to become happy art makers. Welty says that her beginning students are always relieved when she writes on the board: “No Talent?…No Problem!”

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