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All the benefits of making original art, directly to your doorstep.


Draw for Fun, De-Stress Your Day

for Building Teams

With stress-related illnesses growing at an alarming rate, savvy companies are searching for ways to create an environment that will relax, motivate and reinvigorate their staff. Well, nothing de-stresses quite like drawing, and having the freedom to be creative, without rules, boundaries, or expectations.

Draw to Learn

for Students & Educators

Engaging students and creating learning pathways is and ongoing challenge for elementary and middle-school teachers. Based upon a large body of growing research, the effective use of visuals can decrease learning time, improve comprehension, enhance retrieval, and increase retention.

Take Time for Art

for Boosting Mindfulness

Drawing is meditation with your eyes open. Seeing clearly you reflect, absorb and draw out the nature of your observation and you. When you draw, you take a "visual breath". Many studies prove that making time for creativity, refocuses, reconnects and reestablishes that balance needed in our over-active lives.

Draw Away Disease

for Healing Grief & Illness

An interactive presentation designed for hospitals, hospice, Cancer support groups, assisted living centers, nursing homes, rehab, etc. Margaret Welty has a passion for integrating the arts into the healing process, understanding the measurably positive effect the physical act of drawing has on chronic illness.

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